This is a Scenic Location

You must purchase tickets to enter the forest reserve.

This is a 2-3 hour Hike through rough terrain into a wet zone rain forest.

You must hire a guide to accompany you for the hike into the forest.

Brief description…

Singharaja is a Rain forest situated in the South of Sri Lanka. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the abundance of fauna and flora. A must visit place for every nature lover. The spread of the forest is so vast that there are several entrances into the forest from different towns, that offer access to unique natural formations.

  • Madiripitiya, Deniyaya is one entrance, close to the south coast. Proper roads end about 2 km before the entrance, hence the rest must be made on tuk-tuks. Past the entrance counter, you will be hiking through thick forest, along the River “Gin” at its early stage. YES there are several GORGEOUS swimming spots along the way.
  • Lankagama, Neluwa is another entrance close to the southern coast. The access road is narrow and badly decayed at some places. But this entrance is close to a cluster of 5 beautiful waterfalls.
  • Waddagala Entrance is in the north side of the forest. Access roads run all the way to the ticket counter. This entrance do get you into the thick forest yet lacks large water streams and waterfalls that others give access to.