Sri Pada is a Historic Religious and Scenic location.

Remeber to dress and behave respectfully.

The location is free to Visit.

Brief description…

Sri Pada is a mountain surrounded by acres of forest reserve, and on the top is a foot print, believed to be left here by Lord Buddha. While Buddhist literature stands witness to this story, people from other faiths have their own believes intertwined with the foot prints origin. Nevertheless, this has been a holy location for all Sri Lankan’s since ancient times and hence the area and the route is bound with centuries worth of folk lore and traditions.

Vehicle accessible roads end at Nallathanniya, and from there, everyone must prosceed on foot. The journey is about 5 km to the mountain peak. Many restrooms and tea huts are now placed along the foot path.

Sun rise as seen from the mountain peak is said to be one if the most beautiful sights. So remeber to schedule your climb accordingly.