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The city is free to explore.

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Kandy is the capitol city of the Central Province. From the picturesque routes into the city, to all the historic and scenic things to see, Kandy is undoubtedly a must visit place in Sri Lanka.

Kandy was the last ancient capitol. Despite the coastal reign of the island falling easily under the power of western colonizers, the central hills stood strong and successfully resisted many attempts by those forces to gain access to the reign. Since the arrival of Portuguese in 1505 then the Dutch and later British in 1796, all attempts to capture the reign through force failed. Eventually, internal conflicts in the palace of Kandy kingdom led to the fall of monarch, and English declaring the island a colony under the British Empire in 1815.

The former royal palace is now the Temple of Tooth Relic – “ශ්‍රී දළදා මාලිගාව”, the home to Lord Buddhas Tooth Relic.

The city is as developed and busy as any other city and bears only a few remnants of British colonial times. The artifacts of the monarch can be seen in the Colombo National Museum.