This is a Scenic location.

You must purchase tickets to enter the premises.

Brief description…

As the name suggests this is an institution established for the welfare of the Elephants in Sri Lanka. This establishment provides shelter for animals found abandoned, orphaned or injured in the wild.  This is a place that can truly restore our faith in humanity.

Elephants are brought daily to the river for bathing. It is a sight every visitor must catch. The time is 1000 – 1200 and 1400 – 1600 Daily

In addition to watching elephants bathing from a distance, there are several activities you must witness if time allows.

You can participate in feeding the elephants. The time is 0900 – 0945 and 1200 – 1345 daily.

Milk feeding for baby elephants is conducted daily 0915 – 0945 and 1315 – 1345. 

There are no Elephant Rides at the orphanage.