Visiting Places of Worship

Sri Lankan people are extremely cultural and religious. Hence inappropriate behavior at locations with cultural or religious significance, is not tolerated, specially in places of cultural and religious importance. Different places have different codes, but few common rules can be summarized as follows.

  • Dress Appropriately. 
    • Dresses must extend below knees. This applies for Males and Females equally.
    • White or light colored clothes are recommended. Fancy or Colorful clothes are considered disrespectful.
    • Head-ware and foot-ware must be removed when entering.
  • Behave Yourself.
    • Loudness is considered as extremely rude behavior.
    • Reckless behavior can bring in trouble.
    • You being on vacation does not give you the right to sabotage the peace of local people’s daily life, nor does you being a tourist pardon you from being responsible for your actions.
  • Photos & Videos
    • Photography is prohibited in some locations, while special permission is required at some locations. Otherwise you are more than welcome to save some memories for your scrapbook.
    • Posing in front of relics and statues is not appreciated.


These are just a few pointers over the top of my head. If you are concerned about anything, reach us though the Contact page and we are happy to provide any assistance or advice possible.


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