Unspoken Rules of Engagement

Sri Lankan’s greatly value their culture and way of life. It is important that your presence does not challenge those cultural values. Here are a few rules every international traveler should know and follow.

  • Dress Appropriately. 
    • Anything too revealing is considered inappropriate. This applies for Males and Females equally.
    • Wearing swimwear to public places is now banned by law.
  • Be Polite.
    • You will be genuinely surprised how much good a simple smile can bring, over a wad of cash.
  • Behave Yourself.
    • Loudness is considered as extremely rude behavior.
    • Reckless behavior can bring in trouble.
    • You being on vacation does not give you the right to sabotage the peace of local people’s daily life, nor does you being a tourist pardon you from being responsible for your actions.
  • No Smoking.
    • Smoking is prohibited in all public places.
  • Liquor & Beer.
    • Businesses follow their own rules when it comes to liquor and beer on site. Remember to verify such information prior to checking-in.
    • Consumption of liquor or beer in public locations is strictly prohibited.

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