Tour Planning

The travel agents job is to arrange a tour inside the budget, yours and theirs. But where you do end up visiting is better decided by your interests. Scenic, Historic, Cultural and Wonderful places are scattered all over the island. Hence take your time study these destinations. I have a brief list of hot-spots over at Places to Visit with map locations, special notes and brief descriptions. Hope this would be a good place to start your own research.

When planning your tour please pay attention to following details,

  • A tour through Historic sites is worthless if you don’t have a qualified Guide to explain what you are seeing. Always double check the guide situation.
  • A Scenic route is worthless if you are exhausted in the vehicle, OR worse, the drive is through the night. Travelling is supposed to be a relaxing journey, not a marathon.

All attractions in Sri Lanka come with unique bits of history and culture attached to everyone of them. So make sure to make your island tour an Exploration, not a chase of photos for the scrap book.

Information about all major attractions are available in plenty all over the internet. So for any 21st century traveler, there is no reason to travel with doubts. Places to Visit page will provide you with a good place to start your own research. Please do further research for verification and additional information.


Travel Safe.



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