Visiting Places of Worship

Sri Lankan people are extremely cultural and religious. Hence inappropriate behavior at locations with cultural or religious significance, is not tolerated, specially in places of cultural and religious importance.

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Tour Planning

The travel agents job is to arrange a tour inside the budget, yours and theirs. But where you do end up visiting is better decided by your interests. Scenic, Historic, Cultural and Wonderful places are scattered all over the island.

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Staying connected to the internet has become more of a need rather than just a facility, specially for international travelers. It could be much more helpful to know what to expect while you are travelling in Sri Lanka.

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Public Transport

Part of travelling the world is experiencing the true lifestyle of locals, and what better way to do that than public transport. Public transport is conducted through Trains and Buses. Taxi cabs, Tuk-Tuks, Shuttle buses do operate as well, but all of those operate under private owners and hence will be discussed in a separate... Continue Reading →

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